Glamourized House: Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House: An Annotated & Illustrated Bibliography

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010...10:28 am

This post is from John Crosse’s most excellent blog John was a very good friend of Julius and spent many hours with him. John writes that the purpose of his blog “is to share my findings with the outside world and hopefully create a network of like-minded individuals to learn more from.” His website/blog is a treasure trove of images and ideas related to the architectural history of Southern California. Thank you John for this incredible resource you have created for all of us.

Life Magazine, April 11, 1949, pp. 146-7. Richard Neutra, Kaufmann House, 470 West Vista de Chino, Palm Springs, 1947. Julius Shulman Job No. 093, 1947. From the Journal of Architectural Education, November, 1993, “Glamourized Houses”: Neutra, Photography, and the Kaufmann House by Simon Niedenthal. From my collection.

The above iconic 1947 Julius Shulman image of Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House presaged the dynamic duo’s entree into the Pantheon of modernist architecture and photography. Arguably the most iconic architectural photograph ever taken….

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