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Thursday, March 26th, 2009...10:00 am

Photo by Shondell Spiegel

Photo by Shondell Spiegel

Photographer Captures L.A.’s Vintage Homes by Susan Stamberg

“Magazines, newspapers, even family scrapbooks are full of photographs of houses — graphic examples of the American dream. But pictures by the 98-year-old architectural photographer Julius Shulman are in a league of their own, so distinctive that they are consulted by movie designers, collected by museums and cherished by homeowners who commission them.”

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  • I am a fan of Mister Shulman’s photography. Nobody before and nobody since he started has been able to better capture architecture and truly make each photo seem fresh and exciting. I am such a big fan that I bought the 3 volume set put out by Taschen, “Modernism Rediscovered.” While it was a major expense for me, how could I resist the sheer beauty and the chance to add it to the collection of the Vilnius Jewish Library here in Lithuania. What a pleasure it would be to have the documentary for the library if it ever becomes available. I also dream of one day having a print of one of Mister Shulman’s photos to hang on the library walls. However, I will just have to keep wishing as I am sure that any of those gorgeous pictures is well beyond my budget. Still there is no harm in dreaming.