Snakebit: a documentary film on Samuel Mockbee and the spirit of the rural studio

Monday, February 2nd, 2009...12:57 pm


Snakebit is a 60-minute documentary film for PBS on the late architect Samuel Mockbee and the radical educational design/build program known as the Rural Studio that he co-founded deep in poverty-stricken Hale County, Alabama. Mockbee was a celebrated architect, artist, builder, and educator who instilled his passion and philosophy in those he believed will become a new generation of citizen architects. Snakebit is a rich, probing film that shows how a group of young architects— empowered by Mockbee’s belief in making the world a better place—use their ingenuity and compassion to provide housing for people that their profession all too often overlooks. The film features interviews with a spectrum of architects, artists and educators including Mockbee, Peter Eisenman, Cameron Sinclair, Richard Meier, Michael Rotondi, Coleman Coker, Hank Louis, Lori Ryker, Chip Lord, William Christenberry and many more.

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