Julius Shulman Institute at Woodbury University

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008...6:35 pm

Many are not aware of the Julius Shulman Institute at Woodbury University. Below is information about the institute provided to us by Woodbury University.

“The Institute focuses on Julius Shulman’s enduring involvement in the principles of modernism, which include efficiency, environmental sensitivity, social responsibility, and human meaning in all aspects of design, especially in the following areas:

1) The history, theory, and practice of contemporary architecture and design

2) The association of architecture, its designs and applications to the lifestyles of our society.

3) The application of photography as the basic instrument in the presentation of architecture to the public in journals, books, exhibits, and lectures.

The Julius Shulman Institute serves as an educational provider.

The Institute offers lectures, seminars, tours, and special workshops for elementary, middle, and high schools in the area, as well as at community organizations. It provides similar services for architects, college students, and others who are involved with architecture in their daily lives.

Through the Institute we have put together 17 slide show lectures with the help of Julius which are shown to mainly high school students throughout California. The slide shows fall under the title of “The Power of Photography” even thought they deal with a wide range of topics from everything from communication, transportation, steps and stairways of the world to the basics of photography.

The institute also sponsors lectures on the Woodbury campus as well as recognizing an outstanding architect each year who is then recognized as a Julius Shulman Fellow.”

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