Austin’s First Annual Eco Home Tour

Monday, April 21st, 2008...1:37 pm

I just recently moved to Austin from Los Angeles. During my city-move selection process, one of the requirements from my list of city attributes was that it had to be progressive in it’s thinking, which I think is most evident in a city’s architecture. Austin passes this requirement with an A++ rating.

Yesterday (Sunday) my family and I attended an open house at the Dragonfly House located on the eastside of Austin. This event was part of Austin’s “First Annual Eco Home Tour” which is tied into a citywide celebration of Earth Day.

First a pleasant surprise: the listing agent of the house, Roland Galang, and I happened to have graduated from the same high school. I haven’t seen him in twenty years. Wild. He happens to work for a really outstanding real estate firm here in Austin:

I also happened to meet an architect, Chris Krager, and his wife Amy. Chris’s firm, KRDB, located here in Austin, has launched an incredible line of AFFORDABLE, modular houses. He told me that the core inspiration of this line which is called ma (standing for modern+affordable) came from the initial intent of the Case Study House Program. Of course, he was also influenced by none other than Julius. In addition, his wife Amy is a filmmaker so we all had a lot to talk about. Below are his words along with a link to his website. Great stuff:

I was very inspired by the CSH program and the work of the architects (particularly Schindler & Neutra) of LA from the 30’s thru the 60’s. The notion that good, modern design should be broadly accessible was a strong undercurrent in this work (in CSH it WAS the underlying principle, although it fell short in reality). The work 1) had a social conscience 2) was innovative and progressive in terms of materials and methods and 3)was happening at a scale and scope that was, and is, unprecedented. You get the sense that the spirit of modernism was pervasive in this period. It was present everywhere, from architecture, to graphic design, cinema, photography, etc. What an amazing time to be in that place.

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